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Mountain Inspection Warranty Association

What Inspectors Are Saying...

The 100-day logo, video, and book cover are all on my home page. - H. Jay Johnson from Quality First Inspections in Michigan. 

The 100-Day Inspection Coverage logo is on our home page. - Phillip Craddock, TX, Arc Home Inspections.

I've got the Mountain logo on my home page.  Good marketing - Harold HJ Home Inspections.

Mountain just sent $200 to pay for a dishwasher.  Al Herfi, Americana Home Inspections.

Dependable Home Inspections provides clients with a free 100-day limited warranty on home inspections.  Dependable Home Inspections

I market the 100-day inspection certificate from Mountain Association - Meyer Home Inspection.

People hire me because of the 100-Day Inspection Coverage. It's on my website - Santa Fe Home Inspection Services.

I've looked at other 'warranties' offered by lesser inspectors in our area, and they don't match what Mountain offers - Pete Campbell Guaranteed Inspections.

My client's 2-year old AC unit would not cool after they moved in.  The system needed repair, including a charge.  Mountain paid $375.  Both agent and client are very pleased. - Tim Ray, Certified Building Inspections, MO.

My client's oven did not work after they moved in. Mountain made a payment for repair. - Marc Goldenberg, All Tropic Home Inspection Services, FL.

Mountain just paid for a bad vent motor on a furnace. - Bruce Whiting, Inspection Services, IN.

I have been using Mountain Warranties on all my Residential Inspections and am seeing the rewards over the competition. As I meet newer agents, they gravitate towards my services as I offer something their current inspector does not.  Today, I posted the new 100-day Warranty Logo on my website and will continue to buy credits for every one I do. I think I have been a part of your service since the early days! Keep ‘em coming! Kind regards. - Brandon Yauchler, CheckMark Inspections, NY.

I put the Mountain 100-Day logo right next to my Honor Guarantee on my home page - Halcyon Home Inspection.

$188.07 plumbing problem with the drain and no hot water was taken care of. And the response letter from Mountain to my client confirmed that my inspection was a visual-only, non-invasive inspection that does not include future events. - Stephen Guardino, Flagler Home Inspections, FL.

All Tropic

My client's HVAC didn't work when they moved in.  It was a bad AHU motor and bearing.  Mountain paid $400 to my client. - Marc Goldenberg, All Tropic Home Inspection Services, FL.

Mountain just paid for a new $400 dishwasher for my client!  You guys are super.  Everything about Mountain is super. 

The 100 day inspection Coverage is very worth it.  I would not do any inspection without it.  I love it.  My clients are most definitly satisfied.  I couldn't be more satisfied and that's the God's honest truth.  Ben is super.  I will most definitely continue to use the coverage and I can't wait for the 200 day coverage to be available.  -  Stephen L. Guardino, Flagler Home Inspections, FL

The 100 day inspection coverage is a great thing. Mountain paid for an old malfunctioning fan relay in heat pump system - paid $300.00 to home buyer.  I was apprehensive to start.  I didn't want it to be like an insurance policy.  However once my client received her check for $300 she was very happy.  It's good to know Mountain Association is there when unexpected problems arise. - Douglas Mudge, Accurate Home Inspections of Key Colony Beach, FL

Mountain paid $200 for a 7 year old AC unit not working properly. The claim process went very well. The 100 day inspection coverage adds a very good value to the inspection. It gives the buyer a good feeling. They like it, it works great and it makes my clients happy. I use the 100 day inspection coverage for every property under $2 million. - Frank Pascarella, EYE Inspect of Jupiter, FL

Client was extremely satisfied.  The 100 Day Inspection Coverage was very worth it and is a very good product.  We've inspected almost 1,000 homes, this was our first claim and thank God we had the 100 Day Inspection Coverage.  We get a very positive response when we hand the 100 Day Inspection Coverage to our clients.  It is a great selling point when potential clients call us to schedule an inspection. - Linda Duncan and Robert Spear, Advanced Property Inspection, Inc., Billings, MT.

Mountain paid for a cracked glass in an oven appliance door.  When one of my clients reported a problem, the 100 day inspection coverage made it real easy on my end.  I was happy that Mountain Association dealt with the home owner for me as opposed to the buyer coming to my inspection business.  It all worked out real good and real smooth.  The claim process went well, I was completely satisfied and my client was very happy to receive a check. - Joshua Elliot, California Code Check Home Inspections of Temecula, CA.

Kevin J. Westerhaus, Pratt, KS

I have been 'wowing' my clients for over a year now by having the 100 day inspection coverage from Mountain. This has set me above the competition, as I have been told numerous times by both the clients and their Realtors®. And the service from Mountain has been great. The few problems that have actually been reported have been handled in a timely manner and have been peace of mind not only for my clients but for my company as well. - Kevin J. Westerhaus, Pratt, KS

Greg Keene, Evergreen, COI use the inspection coverage benefit from Mountain all the time—for each inspection. And the clients love it. I've had two situations—both paid—no problems. The clients are thrilled. And I also give them a home maintenance book. My clients love it. And the coverage promise is working great for me and my business. I've never been busier.  - Greg Keene, Evergreen, CO

Mountain paid for a replacement of a failed kitchen sink faucet. - Marc Goldenberg, All Tropic Home Inspection Services, FL.

Michael Green, Owingsville, KYMountain is a great company. My customers love the support I give them. I really appreciate the membership benefits and 100-day inspection support coverage with Mountain. By comparison, Mountain coverage and price are better.  - Michael Green, Owingsville, KY

Client moved in and the toilet leaked around the seal.  Plumber fixed it.  Bad seal on an old toilet.  Mountain paid the plumber $200 to fix the toilet leak. - Tim Wilson, All Star Home Inspections, CA.